Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oh, the drama!

Yesterday's game was epic.

Morgan stepped into goal with a few hours notice and a few minutes warm up.

During the first half, Rachel and Katelyn scored 3 each, and Danielle and Tori (in her first game back after the play) each got 1. Isabel, Mackenzie and Tori assisted 3 of those goals. Morgan made 6 saves, each one better than the next and our defense shut down a Brimmer girl who couldn't get enough of the crease roll.

At half time we were tied 8-8 and the girls were ready to put in a strong second half.

Brimmer put in three goals to start the second half and we tried to catch up. 10 minutes in, it was 16-10 Brimmer and we knew we needed to pick it up. Stephanie, Diane and Katelyn helped the team go on an unmatched 6 goal run tying the game at 16 all with 2 mintues to go. After the second to last draw, Brimmer got one last goal and, despite out best efforts, we couldn't find an answer. I wish I could explain how exciting the last 10 minutes of the half were, but suffice to say the coaches were yelling themselves hoarse and the girls on the sideline were right there with us.

Final score was 16-17 and I couldn't be more proud of our team's effort, spirit and intensity.

For the record, Katelyn scored 5 goals (!), Diane and Rachel each got a hat trick (!), Danielle got 2, and Isabel, Stephanie and Tori scored 1 a piece. Morgan had a great second half but I was too excited to count her saves!

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